Why Spring Naturals grain-free is better?

Do you often see ingredients such as potatoes, potato starch, potato proteins, often more than one of these in the so called grain-free pet foods? These forms of ingredients are added to reduce costs and replace the original grain ingredients. 

The other option is to add none of the ingredients mentioned above, but more meat meal is used instead. Originally, we thought grain-free ingredients represent more meat as a substitute for grain, and provide more animal proteins, but instead it means more meat meal, potatoes, potato starch, potato proteins, and pea proteins. Long-term consumption of these non-digestible and high-glycemic ingredients will only weigh on the health and induce various diseases.

Meat meal and potatoes are not present in any of our Spring Naturals’ grain-free dog food as we have included a higher proportion of fresh ingredients than regular pet foods, such as fresh meat and eggs, coupled with six fresh and complete super ingredients to gain a truly grain-free benefit.


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