6 Superfoods


In Addition to being an excellent energy source, this superfood has been associated with the prevention of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Carrots   Loaded with phytonutrients and Vitamins A, K & C, they promote eye, heart and lungs health. Carrots are also known to improve your dog’s Vision and Blood sugar levels.

Sweet Potatoes  High in fiber, sweet potatoes are a great source of antioxidant、iron、Vitamins A, C & B. They keep your pets coat shiny and healthy and support a strong immune system, healthy digestion and proper healing.

Blueberries Blueberries are packed with fiber which aid in your pet’s digestion & helps control blood sugar levels.

Cranberries  Cranberries have long been used to help pets and human experiencing Kidney issues and urinary tract infections.

Spinach  Known for its iron content, spinach is a fiber-rich superfood. Its high-levels of Vitamin K contributes to proper bone health. The flavanoids & carotenoids found in spinach contain anti-inflammatory and cancer preventing properties to help sustain your pet’s health.


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