"Naturally" Grain-Free Dog Recipe

Spring Naturals Naturally Grain-Free Recipes for Dogs

Crafted with special care from start to finish, Spring Natural Naturally Grain-Free Recipe for Dogs provides your canine companion with the all-natural, whole food nutrition they need to thrive. Rich in animal proteins from poultry and salmon, our recipes are balanced with fruits, vegetables, and botanicals for wholesome, natural nutrition.

 Natural Nutrition

Each recipe begins with premium animal protein from fresh duck, chicken, turkey or salmon, followed by all-natural dried meats, chickpeas, and eggs, for a high-protein punch without any fillers, meat-meals, by-products, or split proteins. A blend of nutrient-dense superfoods like blueberries, spinach, carrots, alfalfa, and dandelion makes for a balanced meal with no added grains or fillers.

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