We Love Our Pets

We believe that love is a healthy meal.

More than a decade ago, Spring Naturals investigated better nutrition for our fur friends. We learned dog and cat food industry consists of a processed, jumbled mess of misrepresented protein parts, chemicals, and manufactured powder that is dried into kibble.

Not here.

We stand for our besties who can’t speak for themselves. For the love of our pets, and pets everywhere, we guarantee all-natural, whole-food nutrition.

Guaranteed Quality

We will never muddy our recipe with meat-meals or fillers, high-starch, obesity-inducing ingredients, or nasty artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.

We challenge you to read our label and theirs. Other companies claim limited ingredients, or natural ingredients but then throw in meals, fillers or protein substitutes like powder. These tactics increase margins more than they do heart health.

Because we love our pets, we make Spring Naturals dinner.

Dog Training Tips

You don’t have to be a behavioralist to know that a happy pet family is a well-trained pet family. Learn from our pet experts.

My dog, Bella, has a very sensitive stomach. We tried all kinds of different dog food and still had very little change in her stools. A colleague of mine suggested Spring Naturals and explained to me how there were no meals. I learned to read the label and learned that even the healthy or all-natural dog food I was buying had a lot of meal or fillers despite its claims on the label. After a week of trying Spring Naturals, Bella’s stomach was better, she had more energy, and she absolutely loves the taste. I’d totally recommend this product to anyone.”
Maksim Goffin

Suzanne Bell

Proud owner of a rescue pittie

My English Lab Zoey LOVES Spring Natural dog food. She's especially fond of the salmon-based recipe. I feel good knowing she's eating the healthiest kibble I have found on the market.
Maksim Goffin

David Forrest

Bend, Oregon

Thanks Spring Naturals! Our pup Klio is often a picky eater. However, when we feed her Spring Naturals she always goes right after it. We appreciate these recipes that don’t have those extra fillers that so many other foods have. We tell all of our friends about this food!
Maksim Goffin


Bend, OR

As a devoted and health conscious dog owner, I pay a lot of attention to ingredients. Wanting only the best for our beautiful Husky Ellie, we recently tried Spring Naturals. Sourced in the US, Spring Naturals has an outstanding list of ingredients. Real meats, fresh fruits and veggies, quinoa, sunflower oil, flax and chicory. Great sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy oils, and fiber. Huskies often have sensitive stomachs and can be finicky about food. Ellie loved Spring Naturals and so did her tummy. This is the healthiest and most nutritious dog food I have found. I highly recommend Spring Naturals!
Maksim Goffin

Jeanine Bend


One of my hobbies is sled dog racing. Some of the finest athletes on the planet!!! I know active dogs need the best nutrition. Any active or overweight dog will benefit from this food so when fellow racers ask me what food I suggest I am proud to recommend Spring Naturals.
Maksim Goffin

Scott Elnes Bend