Fun Fall Activities to Do With Your Dog

It’s finally here. It’s your favorite season! The leaves are a kaleidoscope of colors, leaves have morphed into bright oranges, vibrant pinks, and intense yellows. The air around you has grown crisp and fresh, a welcome reprieve from the long, hot summer days.  The days have become shorter, and you reach for your coat more often. It’s well and truly Fall.

There is a temptation to stay indoors more and become less active, becoming content with quiet weekends at home, however, there is a little furry friend who is itching to do some fun activities with you.

Holidays are just around the corner, so now is the time to squeeze in some fun activities to show your best friend just how much they mean to you.

Below are 6 Fun Fall Activities to do with your dog – some of which accommodate cold weather, rain, or snow!


  1. Doggy Fashion Show

Fall is the time where you get to break out your favorite snazzy scarves and colorful coats, but you can’t let your pooch become a fashion faux pas! Time to jazz up your pup’s look. Spend an evening while your curled up with a pumpkin spice latte and make your dog a brand new outfit!

This is a great way to challenge yourself with a new skill. Who knows? You may fall in love sewing and find a passion for a new hobby!  Bandanas are a great entry into sewing as it requires very little fabric and mistakes are easily forgiven. 

There are scores of DIY videos to choose from on the internet. And don’t be put off if you failed home economics in school or you don’t have a sewing machine - a lot of projects can be done without sewing or with just a needle and thread!

If you are finding yourself short on fabric, go through your own wardrobe and see if there are any items that you would be okay with upcycling. Old jackets, coats, scarves even blankets are great options!

If you want to really challenge yourself, using your pup’s existing wardrobe choices, pick an outfit you’d like to create and look at it up close so you can see the construction and use the item as a guide for the shape of your new piece!

Get creative with this activity, and don’t hold back! You will love the feeling of accomplishment, no matter what the outcome of your first attempt.

BONUS TIP! If wardrobe items seem a little too complex, why not make a simple cozy dog bed or a DIY snuffle matt? There are a ton of DIY videos online at your disposal.


  1. Visit an Apple Orchid

Visiting an Apple Orchard is such a popular activity because the entire family can get involved! Most farms welcome families of all sizes during the fall, whether they walk on two legs or four.

September is the prime time to go apple picking, so pack a picnic blanket and enjoy a fun-filled day in the orchards.

According to the American Kennel Club, apples are perfectly healthy for a dog in moderation, as they contain calcium, fibre, vitamin C and phosphorus. It’s best to cut out the seeds and core which could be harmful as apple seeds contain the poison cyanide and the core could be a choking hazard.

It’s always such a treat to be able to enjoy the few remaining beautiful snow-free family days where your pup is welcome too.  I’m sure the family pet will enjoy bounding down the long rows of trees, chasing squirrels and bonding with you and your family.


  1. Arts and Crafts

Get the whole family involved with some fun arts and crafts that you can turn into a frameable work of art!

The size of your family will determine how messy this could get, so this could be an inside or outside activity.

You will need a drop sheet, pieces of paper, large shallow plastic containers, different colors of non-toxic paint, small paint rollers, a bowl of warm soapy water and some towels.

Lay down some protective sheets, such as a plastic tarp or a drop sheet. Pour a small amount of non-toxic paint each into separate containers. Next you want to get some “practice papers” of A4 sheets of paper and lay them down. Then encourage your children and your dog to immerse their hands and feet into the paper and stamp their imprint onto the paper.

This looks amazing if you have a larger piece of canvas or paper. Have everyone pick a different color and take turns dipping your feet into the paint and walk all over the canvas in all different directions.

If getting an even coat of paint onto the paws of your pup is difficult use a small paint roller to distribute it to your liking.

To encourage your pupper to walk across the canvas get some treats out and guide them across.

Wash and dry the paint off everyone’s hands and feet with the warm soapy water and towel and you’re done!

Wait for everything to dry down and voila! You have some homegrown art to hang! Eat your heart out, Picasso!


  1. Go for a Hike

Create beautiful memories with your best friend by taking them on a hike! Fall is the perfect weather for a hike, with cool days absent of rain being your best bet. Plus! Hiking is a great way to not only work off that Thanksgiving weekend, but also to exercise your dog’s brain and senses.

Explore your local surroundings and take in the majestic sights that are on offer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover some local secret spots if you do enough digging on the internet.

But a few things to consider before you start your adventure.

Check where the best dog-friendly hiking trails are in your local area. Some hiking trails are protected wildlands and are not suitable for pups. You also want to research the length and level of difficulty of the trail so that neither of you bite off more than you can chew!

Consider the stamina and athletic ability of your pooch. If you have a dog who is a brachycephalic breed (short-nosed breeds like Boxers, French bulldogs and pugs) ensure the trail you pick has low levels of incline. Walk at a much slower pace with extra break times.

Look at the paws of your pupper.  If the trek ahead seems like it could be strenuous on their delicate paws, I recommend grabbing some Mushers Secret or investing in some booties.

 Make sure you stock up on water and poop bags and ensure both of you have a good breakfast before you leave. Take plenty of breaks for water, treats and pictures!


  1. Big Ol’ Pile of Leaves

Look outside your window. I bet there are a whole bunch of leaves that need to be raked up into big piles that you’ve been putting it off? Turn this chore into a fun activity! If you have children, it’s a two-for-one activity!

Rake the leaves into big piles, and watch your kids and pupper go nuts and have a good time.

Dogs have a sense of smell that is greater than 40 times our own. This makes that piles of leaves a fun sensory overload for their olfactory senses! It’s a great way to enrich your pooch’s life without having to plan anything in advance or spend a dime!

Take this activity to the next level by capturing the family moment by using the “slow-motion” video function on your phone!

  1. Coffee Date

Fall is synonymous with the famous pumpkin spiced lattes. So next time you want to hit up your local Starbucks, why not order a puppuccino? That’s right, you heard me correctly.

So, what is a puppuccino? It is the trendiest way to treat your dog. All it is whipped cream in a small Starbucks cup. That’s it. You don’t have to worry about caffeine, hot milk or sugar.

 A puppuccino is safe for dogs, but it’s a very deluxe treat, so it should be a RARE treat. If your dog has some digestion issues, it might be best to skip this treat, or ask your veterinarian if you maybe unsure.

P.S. This is an item that can’t be found on the menu, and its completely free!



Make a Pumpkin Spiced Puppuccino at home by adding a small amount of pumpkin spice on top of a small amount of sugar-free whipped cream! Yummy!


Whatever your plans are for this Fall, make time for your precious pooch. Bond and make memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. If you take an incredible picture, make sure you print it out and frame it.

“The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too” – Samuel Butler.

 Be foolish this fall and proactive in enriching not only your life, but your best friends.



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